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The Sharing Presence Workshop

The Sharing Presence workshop can take place in many forms and variations. It can address many aspects of our lives, but the essence of our sharing is always the same. We focus on the primary sharing between two human beings - the presence.

By shifting our attention to our "being" we begin to share the essence of any human connection. And from that space of unity all activities we practice become powerful, creative and healing. We discover the act of true "sharing" which is the end for EGO driven actions that cause separation, status and inequality.



Format and Exercises

Every workshop uses exercises taken from the world of theatre and acting in the context of spirituality and presence. Most exercises are playful and fun, using movement and touch to stimulate our sensory experience of each other. Every exercise enhances our experience of presence, giving you a strong sense of aliveness with the present moment. Our purpose of meeting is to bring our attention away from the Ego to feeling our deepest truth. Therefore most of our togetherness will be shared without involving much speaking. Intellectual discussion often stimulates our Ego and this is not in our interest for the workshop. Being together in silence is one of our essential principles. Please remember that the workshop is not about the method we use or the exercises we practice, it's ultimately about the conscious sharing of presence as we relate and interact with each other.