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Join the Sharing Presence Workshop

The Workshop is essentially an invitation to meet others with the simple intention of sharing our presence. Your experience will be a true embodiment of being fully present with yourself and others.

Jason provides in every workshop a safe and structured space for everyone to feel free to express themselves in complete honesty. You will leave the workshop feeling a strong sense of peace and stillness within you that allows you to be more grounded and present in your everyday life.

The Workshop draws on simple and fun movement and drama based activities through which we explore ourselves, our sense of identity and our relationship to others. Each activity allows us to experience a sense of oneness with everyone participating in the space. read more

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London Sharing Presence Workshop


2017 (date to be confirmed)


£20 /£10 Concession


Siobhan Davies Studios Therapies, 85 Saint George's Road - London SE1 6ER

Venue URL:


Jason Tel. +44 (0) 78 0961 0851


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